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Our new farm store is open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday by appointment only

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Cash or card 

Jantzi Family
31228 Hwy 95
Parma, ID 83660
(208) 649-7602
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Welcome to Treasured Sunrise Acres!
"Treasured Sunrise" was started in 2010 in the beautiful Treasure Valley of southwest Idaho. A bright new beginning for our family, the name was fitting. We were blessed with a dairy to rent near Fruitland, and learned the ropes of dairying. With no commercial outlet for goat milk at that time, nor the small herd program, we turned to the Grade A raw milk certification, and received our license to sale both raw goat and cow milk for human consumption that first summer. We were later able to acquire a dairy of our own, our current location, for continuing expansion. The dairy has since went through some changes with our Jersey cow herd moving on in the spring of 2018, and the beginning of the natural grain business. We are a small family run dairy farm with no employees.