Quality balanced feed for optimal 
production, performance, and health. 

  • Formulated with ingredients only grown non-gmo
  • No grain by-products
  • No corn or soy
  • No added hormones or antibiotics
  • No perservatives
  • Omega 3 fortified
  • Poultry, Hog, Dairy blends contain Fertrell Organic minerals and direct-fed microbials (probiotics)
  • High quality ingredients of fresh grains and meals
  • Bagged in new poly feed sacks with easy opening tab
  • ISDA licensed feed mill

Natural Non-GMO Feed
Customer Testimonials

"In my opinion, this is an excellent quality grain mix for milking dairy..."
Kevin, nutritionist

"The only grain and minerals I feed! Hands down the best; my goats have never looked so good, and they love it, no waste ever!" 

"My chickens LOVE the feed. 
Best chicken feed!"

"My senior horse has problems keeping weight on. Since I started using the 14% Livestock feed he has gained back a healthy weight, and cleans up his daily ration with no waste! On top of that it is really nice to know I'm not feeding my horse a bunch of junky by products, only whole cracked grains and meal. I am very happy with this feed!"

"I have been out of these (minerals) for a couple days. Just picked up some more.....goats were attacking me while I was trying to put it out. 
Great product and they love it! 

"My chickens despise other feed......they are spoiled with your amazing layer feed"

"I love Treasured Sunrise minerals for my goats!"

"My hens love your feed!!"

"Love your mineral mix!!!! 
When I've fed other minerals it's like pouring water in a bucket that has a hole in the bottom. There's just not enough in feed store minerals"

"My chickens love this food!"

"Love their in house blend of chicken feed. My chickens love it and I feel good giving them awesome grains."

"Our chickens love this (poultry feed) so much!! They eat it up like it's junk food!"

"...my peeps LOVE their new grain! 
I'm so grateful for your commitment to quality and affordability!"

"The girls LOVE your grain. I'm so much happier not having to feed them those lovely processed grain by products. Thanks!"

"Mineral are THE BEST for this area. I'm very happy with the product. Thanks!"

"Mineral is awesome, have seen 
major improvement in my dairy 
goats, my angoras and meat goats. 
Worth the money"

"The girls fight over the minerals, and they are looking good too"

"This stuff (minerals) are AWESOME ...prices are impossible to beat!"

"My girls are doing great on the 
14% Dairy blend!"

"We started our goats on the minerals that Treasured Sunrise sells made specifically for this area and have seen a HUGE improvement in a short time! It's amazing!"

"Thanks so much, my eggs get complimented all the time, to the point people actually ask what I feed my chickens!"

"I've been fermenting your Chick Grower mix for my flock's daily needs and they eat every last morsel!!! Thank you!!"

Treasured Sunrise Goat Mineral - $40/50lb

Developed specifically for our personal dairy herd several years ago, we’ve been extremely pleased with the results! Contains high levels of minerals, several chelated, needed for the overall health of all breeds of goats to meet the deficiencies found in our area. 1.25:1 Calcium to Phosphorus ratio to supplement alfalfa diets. Offered free choice.

Natural Sodium Bicarbonate - $25/50lb

Fed as a feed supplement Sodium Bicarb offers outstanding buffering qualities which help stabilize rumen pH by reducing acid conditions. Dairy animals with diets high in grain concentrates will benefit from supplemental buffering. Increased milk and butterfat yields can be seen when feeding Sodium Bicarb, along with reduced incidents of bloat in all ages of livestock. 
Feed Supplements


Organic Kelp Meal -                                                  $85/50lb
Price per bag​

$24 - 17% Poultry Layer non-GMO 50lbs

$28 - 20% Chick Grower non-GMO 50lbs

$34 - 26% Game Bird non-GMO 50lbs

$24 - 14% Dairy Ration non-GMO 50lbs

$18 - 14% Livestock non-GMO 40lbs

$20 - 12% All Purpose non-GMO 50lbs

$22 - 16% Hog Grower non-GMO 50lbs

$16 - Alfalfa Pellets non-GMO 50lbs

​$40 - Goat Mineral 50lbs

$25 - Natural Sodium Bicarb 50lbs

$85 - Thorvin Organic Kelp Meal 50lbs
The farm store is open Monday-Friday 
9am-6pm. We keep a moderate amount of feed stocked. For larger orders please 
pre-order a few days in advance to ensure it's ready and waiting. 

Boise Co-op Pet Shop in Boise carries the Poultry Layer.

Locations to Purchase
Bulk tote bag, minimum 1,000lb

$0.46 lb - 17% Poultry Layer non-GMO

$0.54 lb - 20% Chick Grower non-GMO

$0.66 lb - 26% Game Bird non-GMO

$0.46 lb - 14% Dairy Ration non-GMO

$0.42 lb - 14% Livestock non-GMO

$0.38 lb - 12% All Purpose non-GMO

$0.42 lb - 16% Hog Grower non-GMO

Bulk grain must be pre-ordered and appointment set for pick up so someone is available to load. 

Idaho farms who are tax exempt may provide completed exemption certificate (e.g., ST-101) to not be charged sales tax. 
Payment Methods 

Cash, check, or card

26% Game Bird - 

12% All Purpose - 
No molasses
Grain Mixes

20% Chick Grower - $28/50lb
(for chicks over 2 weeks)

17% Poultry Layer - $24/50lb
Alfalfa Pellets - $16/50lb

Crude Protein min. - 16%

16% Hog Grower - $22/50lb

14% Livestock - $18/40lb
For cows, sheep, goats, horses, and llamas of all ages

16% Dairy - $24/50lb
For lactating, bred, and young cows and goats 

Oyster Shell - $18/50lb

Grain Free Dog Food - $45/30lb

Grain Free Cat Food - $35/18lb
Dog & Cat Food

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
$10 gallon or fill your bucket for $8/gal


Farm Raised Live Mealworms
$7.50 400 medium mealworms
$7.50 300 large mealworms

Fed fresh veggies, not sprayed with chemicals