Supplies and Misc. Items Available

Customer Testimonials

"These are amazing stands. Last 
year just before fair several of our club members got them and they 
are excellent! Thank you for
making quality equipment at 
an affordable price."

"I am the proud new owner of one of these (stands) and I give it two thumbs up!!!! Lightweight, easy collapsible...its going to be my new go to for next show season!"

"These stands are great quality and very attractively priced. ​We keep one in our show trailer and use it at every show advent. Super easy to fold up to store or open up to use."

 "If you have not used goat manure in your garden, give it a try. It really helps grow nice healthy plants. Specially from the
 goats at Treasured Sunrise."

"... coat fits her wonderfully. Beautiful job on them and love all the colors". 

Metal Folding Goat/Sheep Milking and 
Fitting Stands - Custom Stands

Metal stands weighing under 50 pounds. Milking, hoof trimming, fitting, A/I. Fully collapsible and lock in place for easy moving or storage. Setup/fold down within minutes with a couple pins. Expanded metal deck is roughly 16" high x 20" wide x 40" long. Milk stands include mini feeder which lock in place. Any color paint!

$250 standard milking stand         $400 2 goat milking stand
$225 standard fitting stand            $650 4 goat milking stand

Extras can be added; 
$100 for ramp
$40 side rail, each
$25 wheels
$25 wide opening head piece
                                                    Click on photos to enlarge

Plastic Dairy Containers

HDPE plastic dairy bottles for bottling your farm fresh milk! Caps are snap/screw and come in several colors. 

Gallon            $30/case 48       $0.80ea
Half gallon     $55/case 108     $0.65ea
Quart             $40/case 100     $0.50ea*
Pint                $75/case 210     $0.45ea*

SS Caps
Red               $0.10ea
Blue              $0.10ea
White            $0.10ea
    $100/case 2,000*      
                                     *call for availability/special order

Goat Blankets with Straps

Durable blankets for around the farm or at shows! Water repellent Cordura lined with flannel or fleece. Velcro front closer with adjustable side release belly and leg straps. Darts for smooth fit over rump. 

Order blanket size by back length. 
If goat is between sizes order a size larger. 

For a correct fit, measure back length from base 
of neck to pin bones. Measure barrel size several inches behind front leg. 

Note: these were designed on standard sized dairy goats. Straps may be lengthened as needed for Boers, Nigerians, or Pygmys.

Kid XS 
Kid S 
Kid M
Kid L
Kid XL
Adult XS
Adult S
Adult M
Adult L
Adult XL
18” - 20”
21” - 23”
23” - 26”
26” - 29”
29” - 32”
31” - 35”
33” - 38”
35” - 41”
38” - 44”
41” - 45”
$25 Kid XS - Kid M 
$35 Kid L - Adult S 
$45 Adult M - Adult XL 
Cordura comes in many color options

Hay Bags

Single or double hole hay bags made of 500 denier Cordura with D-rings for hanging. Single hole bags are approx. 2’ wide holding 1 flake of hay, double are approx. 3’ wide with plenty of room for 2 flakes. Great at shows for little waste! Wide range of colors available; see blanket colors.

$18 single hole, $25 double hole
Stall Bio-security Curtains

Attractive and quick to attach to panels at shows. 500D curdora with nylon around edge, D-rings along top and side edges to fasten to panels with zip ties or clips. Standard curtains fit 4’x6’ stalls. Custom sizes also available. See blanket colors for color options.

$45 each

Milking stand with ramp and wheels $375
Milking stand $250
Milking stand custom height with ramp, side rails, wheels, and additional fitting stand head piece
Milking stand $250
Fitting stand $225
Pins used to set up and adjust head width
Milking stand $250
Milking stand with wide opening head piece $275
Fitting stand with ramp, wheels, and 2 side rails $430
Custom fitting stand
Custom width 2 goat stand
Milking stand, folded down size
4 goat milking stand $650
2 goat milking stand $400
Milking stand with 2 side rails $290
Custom height and width milking stand
4 goat milking stand $650

Newborn Kid and Lamb Blankets

Water repellent Cordura lined with fleece (best for warmth) or flannel. Velcro front and belly band. 

$15 each
​           Back     Approx.
Size   Length   Weight
For a correct fit measure back from withers to tail. 
Cordura comes in many color options
3 lb
6 lb
9 lb
12 lb
16 lb

Goat Manure - Garden Fertilizer​

Goat manure fertilizer can help gardeners produce healthier plants and crop yields. Goats not only produce neater pelletized droppings, but their manure doesn't typically attract insects or burn plants as does manure from cows or horses. Goat manure is virtually odorless and is beneficial for the soil.

Dry goat manure from our naturally raised goats. Clean with no rocks, sticks, shavings, etc., but may have small hay pieces. Bags weigh approx. 30 pounds. 
$6 each or 4+ for $5 each
Buck Aprons 

For nursing bucks to prevent breeding of dam or doelings. Made from heavy vinyl with adjustable 1" nylon straps. Vinyl will stay dry and help protect buck from urinary scald, easy to clean, and can be trimmed for short bucks. 

$15 Basic Apron (brown)
$25 Extra Coverage Apron with Neck Straps (gray)
Basic Apron sizes
Small 18"-24" chest
Medium 22"-30" chest

Extra Coverage Apron sizes 
Medium 22"-30" chest
Large 26"-38" chest
Temporally not building stands 
Not offering jugs for sale at this time