RAW Goat Milk

$7.00 Half Gallon
$12.00 Gallon


$7.00 Half Gallon
$12.00 Gallon

50% OFF Milk

Milk is offered at 50% OFF 
when nearing the best-by date. 

RAW Frozen-Fresh Goat Milk

$10.00 Gallon
Raw and pasteurized goat milk produced at an inspected Grade A facility. Milk and raw milk products can be purchase at the farm year-round. Pasteurized goat milk is by order only at this time. Be sure to bring a cooler with ice to ensure your milk stays cool for the freshest taste and longest shelf life. 

Goat Milk on the Farm
Customer Testimonials

"Wow! Your raw products are 
out-of-this-world delicious!"
Boise Raw Girl

"...thanks for providing an awesome product which I thoroughly enjoy!"

"We moved to the US from the Ukraine 20+ years ago. Since then I forgot how the milk taste - till I run into your raw milk at the Co-Op store in Boise. My family loves milk from your farm, I have a name for it 
"The TRUE Milk"

"...thank you for producing this milk. As far as I can tell, you are the only provider of raw milk doing it the way it should be done. I really appreciate all the effort you are putting into your product".

"I saved the bottle/label to make certain that I could contact you and tell you how wonderful your milks are! Thanks for making my eight 
day stay (in Idaho) a most memorable one. I miss your milk already" 

"I just wanted to state how impressed I am with the 
mildness of your milk. Thank the girls for me."

"I just purchased your raw goat milk for the first time. It's wonderful! I feel very good about drinking your milk, and appreciate the opportunity to read your web site". 

"I am so grateful to have your wonderful raw dairy products available at the Boise Co-Op. The importance of raw cannot be understated for health and healing and I am grateful to have access to your delicious high quality products. I love the information on your dairy on your website and appreciate the healthful and humane way you care for your animals. Thank you again for your products and for making it possible for us to have access to healthy raw dairy!"

"....I noticed you had pint sized goats milk. Because of the small amount I thought I would be brave and give it a try. I have to tell you that I was so pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I am so glad I got brave and went for it because it is a good A2 milk solution!"

"Your milk is the best! I just discovered your goat milk this week.......purchased a bottle from the Boise Co-Op. Your milk is even better than the goat milk I had as a child from my family's milk goats."

"I just had to write to tell you THANK YOU!!!! ...walking by the dairy case (Boise Co-Op), my husband said, "Oh, my gosh, look!!!!" And there were half gallons of your wonderful, very delicious raw milk!!!!!!!! My life
 is now complete!!! 
I don't know how this happened, but I am just so thankful and wanted 
to thank you so very much for all of your hard work. I can only imagine the bureaucratic red tape you had to go through! 

"Wonderful people and sweet creamy milk at a clean, well organized and well run dairy. You will not be disappointed with the product or the customer service."

"I have been buying raw goats milk from them for a month now. They are very knowledgeable and always willing to help you out!"

"Love this milk! Great little operation. Clean grounds - healthy pastured animals"

"The absolute best raw goat milk ever!!!! I tried it over a 
year ago and have been missing it ever since. We recently relocated to Star and now we can enjoy it every day! The dogs love it too...."

"THANK YOU for the call back today and letting us come tonight to grab milk for our baby. I will never buy goat products from anyone but 
you guys!"

"I've never liked anyone's goat milk, yours is very good...."

How Our Milk is Produced
The dairy parlor is set-up with a complete pipeline system where the goats are milked by machine
 twice a day (right). 
Udders are regularly clipped to keep dirt and hair from getting in the milk. Teats are washed 
with a peroxide dairy wash and dried before milking. Post dip is applied to prevent mastitis. 
The fresh milk is double filtered into the bulk tank (left), where it is quickly cooled and stored below 35F until bottled.
When the milking has been completed the milk lines and all equipment is rinsed and washed with two different dairy cleaners, and the milking parlor is swept and hosed.

A small portion of our milk is pasteurized using a vat pasteurizer holding the milk at 145F for 30 minutes (left). After pasteurizing the milk is quickly chilled and bottled. 
Milk Quality Assurance
How our Grade A certification is different then the normal Idaho raw milk farm permit.

Grade A Requirements                                                                                 Regular milk permit  

~Inspected facility - including milk processing area, equipment,                    ~No inspections or requirements 
    milking parlor, livestock barns/corrals
~Pasteurized milk tested monthly for standard plate count bacteria,              ~No testing 
    coliform, and somatic cell count 
~Pasteurized milk tested for antibiotics                                                           ~No testing

Animal Feeding, Health Care, and Housing
Our goats enjoy large irrigated pastures through-out the growing season. They are also fed high quality non-GMO alfalfa hay and a non-GMO grain mix we personally make! No commercial grain mixes or GMO feeds are fed. Fresh water and vitamin/mineral supplements are always available. No hormones are given to increase milk production.

The herd is regularly treated for internal and external parasites using approved dairy-animal wormers. 

Antibiotics are only used in an emergency where the animal's well-being is in danger. Sick animals are immediately pulled off the milk line until completely well, and all medication withdrawals have been completed.
Proper housing is provided for all the animals. Goats have large enclosed barns with hay feeders undercover for winter feeding. Young kids are housed by size and age groups, and always separate from adults. Pregnant does are also separated from the main milking herd during the last two months, as goats do love to challenge each other and fighting can be fatal to the unborn kids.

Simple Recipe for Making Soft Goat Cheese
1. Heat 1 gallon of milk to 180F.
2. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar. 
Let set a few minutes. 
3. Drain through a fine strainer or cheese cloth.
4. And we have 2 pounds of soft creamy cheese! 
5. Mix in salt and seasonings.
6. Chill and serve! 
The chilled milk is bottled in plastic dairy containers, with tamper evident caps (right). Due to our Grade A certification our milk must be packaged with an approved bottler/capper. Glass bottles can not be used with our equipment. 

RAW Freeze Dried Goat Milk

$5 Pint
$8 Quart

RAW Goat Heavy Cream

$8.00 8oz

RAW Goat Butter

$10.00 8oz

RAW Goat Cheese

Several flavors
$7.50 8oz